Start your day like royalty with our exclusive breakfast. Our premium ingredients and carefully prepared dishes will delight you.


Experience our diverse lunch offerings, encompassing traditional recipes with modern twists for an enhanced dining experience.


Discover new dimensions of sweet indulgence with our innovative desserts, characterized by cross-dimensional combinations of flavors and textures.


Explore the richness of aromas and flavors in our select wine collection, featuring quality wines from various regions and grape varieties.


Grandpa's Specialties

On our menu, you will find a rich selection of authentic gourmet delicacies, ready to satisfy every taste and provide you with an extraordinary experience.

At Grandpa Stavre's Restaurant

About Us

We continue the tradition of 'Pečenjara Kod deda Stavre,' but this time in the heart of A Block, in a modern environment that reflects the spirit of the times, creating a space that carries the same name that adorned the old log cabin - 'Kod deda Stavre'.
Wood and brick, two natural materials that were once part of Grandpa Stavre's log cabin, are now the foundation of our interior. The warmth of wood blends with the solidity of brick, creating an atmosphere that exudes security, comfort, and hospitality.


What our guests say

When you walk in and see how amazing this place is, you'll immediately know why it's so popular. The restaurant KOD DEDA STAVRE boasts preserving culture, both in terms of food and with a mini museum-like gallery on the second floor. The food is incredible, with professional staff, beautiful interior, and great atmosphere. If you're in Belgrade, don't miss this gem.

At Grandpa Stavre's

A restaurant known for its grilled lamb and pork! However, other dishes are also delicious. Kudos for the organization and speed of serving food. Marina, who served us, was fantastic, fast, attentive, and very pleasant. Warm recommendation.

At Grandpa Stavre's

The best food I've ever had in my life! Everything is perfect, service and ambiance but the food is top-notch. I recommend the 'lamb under the bell in milk,' it melts in your mouth.

At Grandpa Stavre's

Excellent ambiance, with friendly staff and masterful food. A must-visit this wonderful restaurant. For children, there is a large playground outside.

At Grandpa Stavre's

Great ambiance. All praise for the friendly staff. And the food is excellent, tasty, homemade, everything is visibly well-prepared. From now on, only here in Belgrade for roast.

At Grandpa Stavre's